Rigibore Smartbore Nano allows the use of Rigibore Smartbore technology on small hole boring operations. It is able to bore holes down to 0.5mm in diameter and offers precision adjustment of 0.001mm on small hole boring operations, with no unclamping or tool adjustment required.

Smartbore Nano's unique design boasts a number of performance benefits:

Rigid design — Once set using a standard Smartbore adjuster, the boring head is ready to cut. Smartbore Nano's rigid design allows for fast setting and micron adjustment in the machine spindle, leading to performance optimisation and micron efficiency.

Electronics — The specialised and functional design houses the digital display on the robust Smartbore adjuster, as opposed to alternative products, where the electronics are contained within the boring head.

By keeping sensitive electronics outside of the working environment, savings are made on tools with multiple operations, making the unit cost more effective.

Another benefit to this design is the elimination of the risks of expensive electronics being damaged during the boring process, as the digital display is kept out of the working environment at all times.


Smartbore Nano has been designed and manufactured to offer supreme performance benefits to the organisation, after extensive testing against competition, this unique design offers benefits matched by no other.

No clamping/unclamping - The pre-loaded adjustment system requires no clamping or unclamping after the adjustment has been made. This design ensures that micron accuracy is optimised, improving the finish bore quality.

Tool setting is carried out using a standard Smartbore Adjuster SB-ADJ187 digital torx wrench (pictured below).


Smartbore Nano offers many advantages over other boring solutions, these include:

  • 0.5 - 16mm boring diameter
  • Accurately adjustable to within 0.001mm on diameter
  • Digital adjustment at machine with Smartbore adjuster
  • Pre-loaded clamp-free adjustment system
  • Adjustable weights for fine balancing
  • Screen and other electrical items including the power source are in the adjuster not the head - zero down time
  • Lower cost on multiple boring heads

Tool Dimensions

Straight Shank Connection Boring range Order no
d1 d2 d3 X1 A kg
20.0 48.0 4.0 - 8.0 50.0 0.6 - 16.0 0.890 SB-FBH500160

* Dimensions in millimetres

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