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Rigibore and Metrology Software Products (MSP) partner their advanced capabilities, meeting precision tolerances on high value component materials through application of a completely automated process.

NC-PerfectBore — Overview

NC-PerfectBore combines MSP’s machine tool analysis expertise with Rigibore’s auto-compensating boring system, ActiveEdge, guaranteeing complete confidence in the production of perfect bores.

NC-PerfectBore software runs on a PC or tablet with a simple user interface. This software monitors accurate results from measurement, storing a detailed trend log which can be customized to send a compensation request to the ActiveEdge tool via wireless technology.

A perfect measurement means a perfect bore...

The ActiveEdge tool adjusts with micron accuracy based on the information provided from the probing cycle or offline gauging.

NC-PerfectBore software produces information about a machine tools capability in traceable reports. By ensuring accurate probing data, the ActiveEdge tool can correctly adjust to meet the required precision tolerances, subsequently producing perfect parts with no scrap.

Achieving advantage through automation...

NC-PerfectBore maintains a close tolerance bored diameter through a fully automated process, removing the need for manual adjustment, and subsequently the risk of human error.

Once the tool receives accurate data from the probing or offline gauging, ActiveEdge Cartridges can make precise adjustments to the cutting insert by either extending or retracting as necessary.

This request is communicated to the ActiveEdge tool via wireless signal, therefore no operator intervention is necessary. Not only does this reduce the risk of errors, but also allows operators to be utilized for completing other shop floor duties.

Wear compensation in process...

It is inevitable in machining operations that insert wear will occur, leading to a negative effect on the accuracy of bore sizes, and ultimately, producing a poorly finished component.

NC-PerfectBore maximizes effectiveness of a fully automated process, in process adjustments occur to account for ongoing tool wear, producing precision bores with minimal downtime.

Revolutionise Your Boring Operation

Want to create an advantage through automation?

You can find out more about how NC-PerfectBore can revolutionise your boring operation by visiting Rigibore at the upcoming IMTS show.

IMTS Booth: W1280

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