Rigibore's total automation solution to produce micron accurate bores

A fast, easy to use micron-accurate 'manually operated' cutting-edge tool adjuster

ActiveEdge allows any machine tool to automatically hold a close tolerance bored diameter, without the intervention of an operator

Special Boring Tools

Rigibore specialises in quick turn around of custom tooling. Our unique RADS system allows us to produce special custom tooling in as little as 3 to 4 weeks

Standard Boring Bars

Rigibore manufactures a very wide range of standard, single-point boring bars with boring units to suit rough boring, semi-finish and finish boring

Carbide Inserts

Whether you are cutting cast iron, aluminium, steel, plastics, or titanium alloys, Rigibore technology offers you a wide and varied range of cutting edges in the form of indexable carbide inserts


Rigibore offers a wide selection of roughing cartridges, qualified cartridges, finishing cartridges, ultra fine precision cartridges and negative mounted or negative rake cartridges

Rigibore Units

Rigibore's wide range of boring units for roughing, semi-finishing and fine finishing is amongst the widest in the marketplace

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