Rigibore’s ActiveEdge Tooling uses wireless technology to perform micron accurate adjustments without the need for an operator’s intervention.

The ActiveEdge system allows operations to meet critical tolerances, significantly increasing productivity whilst having a minimal impact on cost.

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Automatic Compensation Capabilities

ActiveEdge tooling can be integrated with a gauging or probing device, allowing CNC programs to monitor bore sizes and adjust accordingly as part of a closed loop manufacturing process.

  1. Initial Bore — A hole is bored using the ActiveEdge tool.
  2. Measurement — The bore is measured using a probing or gauging system, the measured diameter is then translated and saved in a variable in the CNC machine.
  3. Assessment — This measured diameter is assessed against a set of Statistical Process Control (SPC) macros that run on CNC machines, setting an upper and lower control limit on bore sizes.
  4. Compensation — If bore sizes are not within this user defined parameter, an automatic compensation request is sent directly to the ActiveEdge tool, which adjusts to ensure the next machined bore is returned to nominal size.

Remote Adjustment — Micron accuracy at the touch of a button

The ActiveEdge remote allows simplicity in adjustment, critical diameter changes can be made to the tool's cutting edge at the push of a button.

Simply entering the tools unique ID and the required diameter change into the remote controlled Adjuster initiates a compensation through wireless transmission.

Up to 7 independently adjustable ActiveEdge cartridges can be integrated on one bar, machining multiple critical diameters at the same pass.

Improve Manufacturing Quality

ActiveEdge ensures a superior quality when machining components, regardless of the workpiece material or bore specification.

Automation of bore sizes maintains a tight tolerance bore diameter, keeping bore sizes within a predetermined upper and lower control limit.

Organisations can achieve a superior process control, with a lower deviation on bore sizes and higher Cpk statistic.

Rigibore have worked with the following presetter companies to successfully integrate ActiveEdge hardware:

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Reduced Operator Intervention

The ActiveEdge solution seeks to eliminate manual intervention from the tool sizing process, and so reduce the risk of errors. The automation of bore sizing provides a solution to the varying skill and experience levels found on the shop floor. It contributes significantly to a reduction in scrapped parts and rework rates.

This feature has proved extremely important in high value part production, as found in the aerospace industry, where a failure to meet critical tolerances on expensive components can lead to significant financial loss.

The ability of ActiveEdge to deliver micron accurate compensations automatically, removes the reliance on skilled operators to make manual adjustments. Employees are then released to take part in other vital shop floor activities.

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Maximise Production Efficiency

ActiveEdge technology allows organisations to produce high quality, precision components on schedule.

Micron accurate changes can be made to a tool’s cutting edges while it is in the machine tool magazine or carousel. This significantly increases spindle utilization, by allowing other machining operations to take place in parallel with the compensation process.

Organisations can allow tool sizing operations to proceed without an operator being present, significantly increasing productivity with minimal cost implications. ActiveEdge tooling supports “lights-out manufacturing”.

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ActiveEdge Remote Control Features & Functions

Compensate Tools
Tools can be adjusted by simply entering the tool ID and compensation amount into the wireless Remote Control handset.
Tool Check
Check the tool status to confirm the battery level and available adjustment range.
Shut Down Tools
Completely switching off the tool when not in use will extend the 2-3 month battery life.
Cartridge Calibration
The integral SD card contains cartridge calibration data for all cartridges. Uploading the correct calibration information to the tool can be done directly from the handset.
Tool Usage Information
Access the tool memory to provide lifetime usage data.
Activity Log
The SD card contains an activity log that records all operations performed with the handset.

Case Studies

ActiveEdge Connecting Rods

ActiveEdge system supplied by Rigibore automatically compensates to hold critical bore tolerances on con rod bores.


ActiveEdge Track Links

240 ActiveEdge tools supplied to automatically adjust, holding critical bore size on track links.


Hydraulic Pumps

ActiveEdge system was used to eliminate a high deviation, resulting in considerably lower scrap and rework rates, ultimately reducing the cost to the manufacturer.



  • What is the adjustment range?

    0.3mm on radius - but we build the tools so that at nominal they are at 1/3 of their way through the adjustment range. This gives 0.2mm of positive movement on radius allowing for wear compensation.

  • What style of inserts are used?

    All our products take ISO standard inserts. ActiveEdge cartridges support TC..11 and CC..06 inserts.

  • How long do the batteries last?

    In normal use between two and three months, it depends how often you adjust the tool. A battery replacement guide can be found below.

  • How can I switch off the tool/save battery life?

    When a tool is not in active use, it should be switched off completely to save power and extend the battery life. The 'switch off' button (found in ActiveNet) sends a request to the interface to shut down the tool. The tool can be turned on again by pressing the pressure switch on the upper face of the yoke.

  • How accurate is the adjustment?

    The cartridge is calibrated to a tenth of a micron, this means that we can guarantee micron accuracy in compensation.

  • Is it affected by coolant?

    The system is designed and tested for use in high pressure coolant. The tool is rated IP68 and pressure tested twice during manufacture.

ActiveEdge is available now to suit your application, please send us an enquiry or call +44 (0) 1736 755355 to order.

ActiveEdge Demo

ActiveEdge Technical Documents

Description Last Updated Link
Cartridge Maintenance and Replacement
Cartridge calibration files 18/05/2017 Download
Cartridge calibration file library 18/05/2017 Download
Cartridge maintenance instructions 18/12/2015 Download
Cartridge replacement procedure 09/05/2017 Download
Tool Maintenance
Recommended lubricant information 06/09/2013 Download
Battery replacement procedure 09/07/2013 Download
Safe procedure for storing used batteries 18/07/2014 Download
AEI Installation Procedures
Siemens 840D 11/07/2016 Download
ActiveEdge Remote Control user guide 28/09/2016 Download
ActiveNet user guide 23/08/2010 Download
CNC macro descriptions 01/02/2016 Download
CNC macro status codes and recovery procedures 30/08/2013 Download
SPC macro description (Siemens) 30/11/2016 Download
SPC macro description (Fanuc) 21/07/2015 Download
Downloadable Software
ActiveNet PC software 24/03/2017 Download

ActiveEdge Tool Breakdown

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Rigibore ActiveEdge component diagram, hover over sections to reveal details

The tool can be made with any taper, spindle connection or adapter to suit the customer's machine requirements.

The tool is a custom-built special, designed using Rigibore's RADS software, and can be supplied in 3-4 weeks. Tools are engineered for the specific application, and typically balanced to G2.5 to ensure accuracy and rigidity in cut. Chamfer tools, semi-finishing cartridges and up to 4 finish bores can be completed with one tool.

The Yoke contains the batteries and radio hardware that allow the tool to be adjusted remotely. With ActiveEdge there is no required modification to the spindle or machine, this means that the tool can be adjusted in the carousel, at the presetter or if required, in the spindle.

Sealed with an 'O' ring the tool yoke is protected against coolant ingress.

The two 6v batteries power the radio communication and actuation of the mechanism in the cartridge.

Batteries last around 2-3 months of standard use in a production environment. System warnings are given when they need changing.

This user replaceable cartridge contains the drive mechanism, calibrated measurement device and adjusting slide, with the capability to move the cutting edge 1 micron on diameter.

ActiveEdge Cartridges supports Standard ISO Inserts CC..06, TC..11 and CP04 Inserts.

Upto 4 cartridges can be individually adjusted on one tool assembly.

The cartridge is capable of supporting through coolant up to 80 bar. Coolant is supplied through the cartridge directly to the cutting edge of the insert.

The pretensioned slide mechanism has no measurable backlash. This is the only radial moving part of the assembly so adjustment has no negative impact on the tools balance.

The maintenance of the cartridge is limited to regularly flushing the mechanism with grease through a supplied grease gun. This prevents contamination and ensures perfect results from the accurate internal mechanism.

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